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Super Simple Fueling Operations with the LCR.iQ

The LCR.iQ® by Liquid Controls represents the future of powerful, scale-able electronic register platforms. This product is designed for simple fueling operations, providing robust process configuration, intuitive operation, and real-time fueling diagnostics and data connection for the utmost up-time and day-to-day throughput.

Intended to be future proof, the LCR.iQ presents novel approaches to OEMs and end users, allowing them to entirely customize the fueling experience with screens and tickets that can be easily configured, adaptable software, and data access controls through the use of built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These features allow a broad, practically infinite array of platform expand-ability options.

The high-resolution LCR.iQ screen adapts to every user. When idle, the screen will show the most recent delivery data, changing to full screen, active fueling mode with yellow background by pressing “Start”. Operators can view fueling details during active fueling and brightness can always be adjusted based on existing conditions. The user-guided interface requires little to no training as fueling processes take care of the number of steps required for the operator to complete a delivery. Pump and print operations are done in a mere two steps, using a single smart-key.

The Avanti Company was founded in 1977 by Paul and Justine Devlin and is headquartered in Avon Park, FL. We provide water meters, metering systems, AMI support, on-site flow meter testing, sewer flow monitoring, inspection and assessment services for the water, wastewater, agricultural, petroleum and industrial marketplaces. Avanti represents products from McCrometer, Itron, Badger Industrial, Hach Flow, Honeywell/Elster, 64 seconds, Infosense, Nicor, and others. Please visit our website atwww.avanticompany.com, email us at info@avanticompany.com or call us at 863-453-5336 for assistance with all of your flow meter and metering system needs.

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