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Syrinix Announces New PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic

Syrinix, the award-winning global market leader in pipeline monitoring technologies, recently announced the new PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic, with two ways to reduce non-revenue water loss with a straightforward system. The PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic enables users to detect, locate, and reduce the number of leaks and bursts they experience in their pipeline systems.

Ensuring an autonomous data process for piping systems requires precision in both decision and data. Syrinix offers this with high resolution and timing accuracy. It acts as both a reactive and preventative single unit, finding and reducing leaks and bursts. The new device gives actionable insights without overloading users with data, enabling them to fix problems faster and with far less hassle. The export filtered data and alerts seamlessly integrate into other systems with advanced APIs.

PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic is reactive in that it can quickly detect leaks and burst with ultimate precision. Preventative measures reduce the number of times leaks and bursts occur, extending the life of pipelines.

Its features include:

  • Integrated hydrophone and pressure

  • Compact design for flexible installation

  • Continuous and accurate leak detection

  • Prioritize leakage events

  • Leakage reduction through data-led network calming

  • Alert and locates breaks and harmful pressure

  • Open data integrations

  • Simple remote management

Devices like PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic and a flow meter – a device used to measure the volume of liquids and the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow rates of liquids – partner together to provide robust piping systems that, with the proper maintenance, can last for years. When you need on site flow meter testing the right devices can make all the difference.

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