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The Best Ways to Calibrate Flow Meters

Flowmeters calculate volume by measuring the rate at which fluid and gases move through them. Accurately measuring these volumes is critical in optimizing the use of energy to pump the water, ensuring that water conservation programs are properly managed, help determine where possible losses are occurring as well as ensuring revenue losses are minimized. Calibration checks of flow meters is a critical component of achieving these goals. Consistent and regular checks help detect any potential issues that will affect flow meter accuracy and increase its useful life. Flow meters are often impacted by corrosion and dirt, and over time, flow meter parts can experience wear and tear. Best practices in calibration checks will allow your flow meters to last longer and yield more accurate results. 

Large meters are often checked on site, meaning that they are not taken out of service while being tested. Their accuracy is compared to that of another meter which needs to perform better than the meter being tested to guarantee a successful check. A typical rule is that the comparison meter needs to be four times more accurate than the device you are testing. Be mindful that this can vary depending on the specific requirements for that equipment. 

Calibration checks should be performed under the same conditions the flow meter will be operating under. This is the best way to ensure the system is working properly and takes any questions of validity out. Adding in too many variables will yield inaccurate results. 

Standards should be traceable. Make sure testing takes place under a recognized standard. Traceability allows a chain of documentation that can compare measurements, leading to the most accurate results. Measurements that have a trail help prove findings under specific ranges required for calibration. 

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