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The Elster SM700 – The Intelligent Water Meter

The SM700 Fluidic Oscillator Water Meter by Elster was designed specifically to address the global need for economic intelligent metering technology. As such, it features the latest in design and engineering to optimize performance and reliability.

For example, the SM700 has no moving parts, which makes it less susceptible to wear and the subsequent accuracy problems that are caused by particulate matter, such as sand, grit, and even fine silt. This smart design in turn prevents lost revenue and offers top-notch accuracy throughout the meter’s long life.

The SM700 can accurately measure water in volumetric units through its unique, state-of-the-art fluidic oscillation technology. Indeed, results from both customer usage and independent laboratory tests show that the SM700 prevents losses in water metering revenue that are caused through progressive meter inaccuracy.

The SM700 fluidic oscillator design exceeds the accuracy performance requirements of the AWWA C713 standard for fluidic oscillator water meters. The SM700 is certified to NSF-61 (including annex F and G) and complies with the lead-free requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and NSF-372. It demonstrates improved linearity of accuracy over mechanical met sizes 5/8” through 1” and offers a clear LCD display for easy assessment.

Moreover, the SM700 is fully AMR/AMI enabled and communicates using standard ASCII protocols, as used by most AMR/AMI vendors. Product customization through factory potted connections provides further flexibility in installation options and longevity in pit environments.

In fact, this meter system is so reliable that over 1.5 million intelligent fluidic oscillating water meters have been installed by customers around the world, often in harsh environments such as the Middle East and Africa. That’s a level of dependability and performance few other meters can match up to.

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