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The Hach Flo Tote 3 Offers Superb Sewer Flow Monitoring

When it comes to wastewater flow monitoring, few meters are more trusted by utilities and treatment plants more than the Hach Flo Tote 3. The Avanti Company carries these high-end  Open Channel Flow Meters in order to offer customers some of the most reliable and cost-effective long-term metering on the market.

Expertly engineered by one of the leading Companies in our Industry, the Hach Flo Tote 3 electromagnetic flow meter sensor is capable of measuring both velocity and depth in the same cross-section, thereby providing accurate measurements based on the Continuity Equation. This ability has been tested and verified in both state-of-the-art hydraulic flow labs and under actual sewer condition, guaranteeing you an unbeatable level of quality.

In addition to its unfailing accuracy, Hach Flo Tote 3 has many other benefits and advantages. The field replaceable sensor can be effortless disconnected and interchanged to ensure easy maintenance. It’s cutting-edge grease repelling electrodes can tolerate the toughest water contaminants, allowing for reliable data collection even in the most demanding environments. Its innovative design also makes it safe and easy to install in even confined spaces.

Because of its versatile design, durable construction, and advanced sensor technology, the Hach Flo Tote 3 has a wide variety of applications in numerous conditions. It’s ideal for wastewater sewers of all shapes, as well as storm sewers, rivers, and other open channels of flow. It’s great for inflow/infiltration studies, modeling and sewer system evaluation, determining EPA permitting requirements, overflow monitoring, and much more.

Furthermore, like all products sold by the Avanti Company, the Hach Flo Tote 3 comes with first-rate customer service and technical support, which includes testing, calibration, repair, and any other solutions we can offer.

To learn more about this and the many other Flow Meter Products we carry, call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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