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The Itron 100 Series – Improvement through design

Itron has a well-earned reputation as one of the most innovative Flow Meter manufacturers in the industry. Nothing solidifies this esteemed status better than the 100 Series, which was carefully designed to improve upon its predecessor, the Itron 60 Series

First, some background: the 60 Series was created specifically to address the nationwide trend of deploying meters into pit vaults, an environment that confers some benefits but also presents challenges to long-term performance. Thus the 60 Series was launched to provide dependable and low-maintenance metering in even the toughest environments.

However, as a cutting-edge meter specialist, Itron remained committed to continuously improving its products in response to newly arising challenges or needs. Through its Advanced Materials Team, the company gathered the necessary information, experience, and resources of the 60 Series and applied what was learned to create the much-enhanced 100 series.

As a testament to its dedication to quality, Itron’s ensured that every aspect in the design and development process was to be carefully analyzed and improved upon. Such meticulousness is what helped to optimize the performance and reliability of the 100 Series. Itron even simulated actual pit environments in the lab in order to ensure the most accurate testing and data possible.

The 100 Series addressed a number of the design challenges of its predecessor. This included reducing both the amount and complexity of mechanical components, cutting back on process steps, and improving the overall packaging. The specific changes included:

  • Integrating the inline connector into the module housing in order to eliminate cable assembly and several other steps.
  • Mounting the internal battery directly to the circuit board, eliminating the need for battery wires.
  • Separating the battery poles to reduce the likelihood of incorrectly soldering the wires to the board.
  • Placing solder points on the non-component side on the board to reduce the component’s exposure to flux and associated contaminations.
  • Increasing the retention on the housing cover ensure a tighter fit.
  • Creating space between the printed circuit board and the module housing to avoid contact and improve shock absorption.

The end result of these efforts is an even more efficient and reliable radio transmitter than the already-laudable 60 Series. The Itron 100 Series is an excellent solution for operations involving pit vaults, offering proven and carefully researched design features.

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