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The McCrometer FPI Mag Now Offers Improved Accuracy and Convenience

One of the most acclaimed Flow Meters on the market just got better: the FPI Mag by McCrometer now offers significantly expanded installation options, following hundreds of hours of extensive analysis by the manufacturer’s expert engineers. The end result is a meter that is now even more effective and versatile than ever before.

The FPI Mag’s upstream requirements have been streamlined by removing the dependence on flow rate and flow velocity (such as high flow, mid flow, and low flow) and by reducing requirements for almost all flow disturbances.

Moreover, the location and orientation of where the FPI Mag can be installed has also been expanded, allowing greater flexibility in where and how the meter can be installed. The addition of more comprehensive descriptions regarding optimal sensor orientation means even more convenience and ease in meter installation.

The Avanti Company’s highly-trained and knowledgeable team is already up-to-date with these developments. As always, we’re ready to assist you in optimizing the performance any meter you purchase from us. The FPI Mag is already one of the most dependable and high-performing meters on the market, with a proven track record in providing great accuracy with very low maintenance.

In fact, a recent study conducted by an independent third party reaffirmed what many customers have long observed: the FPI Mag offers reliable measurements in a variety of conditions. Not only was the meter accurate at low flow rates – where accuracy is often difficult to achieve – but it was also very accurate at high flow rates where inaccuracy can lead to lost revenue.

Tested accuracy of the 30” FPI Mag compared against the master flow meter was better than +/-1.0% for velocities between 0.3ft/s to 1ft/s, while tested accuracy above 1ft/s was better than +/-0.5% — an impressive achievement.

Furthermore, not only did the FPI Mag measure the full range of the competing Venturi and full bore mag, it did so without needing to reduce or change the pipe system, thanks again to its flexible installation options. The FPI Mag allows operators to put the meter where they need it without making modifications to the piping system.

In short, the FPI Mag is a great investment for all your meter needs. To learn more about this and other Flow Meter Products, call the Avanti Company 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.


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