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The McCrometer FPI-X Mag Flow Meter Solves a Big Challenge for City of Cedar Rapids

The X designation in McCrometer’s new FPI-X Mag Flow Meter represents use in extreme applications. This is an exciting new offering from McCrometer, who as already known for reliability, high performance and innovative design. Water World, a major industry publication, recently reported on how this meter’s already stellar track record was given a further boost following its successful new solution for a large municipality.

The Water Division for the City of Cedar Rapids serves a population of around 128,000 people, with responsibility for over 50,000 metered accounts for industrial, commercial, and residential use. In 2011, the plant’s operators determined that they needed to replace under-performing flow meters in two booster stations and their water intake system. These strap-on, ultrasonic transit-time meters were susceptible to electrical and radio frequency interference from electrical equipment in the station (including the pumps’ variable frequency drives); furthermore, they required considerable maintenance and frequent cleaning in order to remain accurate.

Needless to say, the Cedar Rapids Water Division needed a more viable and cost-effective replacement. They needed to be able to manage multiple pumps and a variety of line sizes, resolve interference issues, retrofit existing piping configurations, and take into account the effects of condensation and exterior pipe rust with respect to maintenance. Furthermore, the new meters would have to deal with limited space, an irregular flow profile, and limited length of straight-run piping (which most meter sensors require for producing an accurate measurement).

When the water division contacted McCrometer’s applications team to analyze the situation, they recommended the FPI-X Mag Flow Meter, the latest in the company’s acclaimed FPI Mag product line. This meter is specially designed to accurately measure flow from multiple pumps, with its dual sensor assembly being equipped to handle variances at the two booster stations. Thanks to its insertion-style design, it can be easily installed within the tight space requirements.Furthermore, its innovative multi-point electromagnetic flow sensing allows for accurate measurement under turbulent flow conditions.

To top it all off, the FPI-X Mag meter was very economical, with cost-effective installation and a low overall cost of ownership. After more than two years of operation, Cedar Rapids Water Division reports that the new flow meters have greatly improved accuracy while virtually eliminating any maintenance issues. It’s that kind of quality that explains why the Avanti Company offers a rich selection of McCrometer Meters.

To learn more about this and many other Flow Meter Products, call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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