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The Most Popular Irrigation Propeller Meter in the U.S. – Mc Propeller


McCrometer has been a trusted name in Flow Meter Products since 1955, especially in the agricultural industry. In fact, the company’s bestselling Mc Propeller has set the standard of liquid flow measurement performance, offering versatility and accuracy with the utmost cost-effectiveness.

The Mc Propeller Flow Meter was designed to handle dirty water flows and high-volume water applications, in both agricultural and municipal settings. Unlike conventional meters, it utilizes a flexible drive-train and sealed ball-bearings, which preclude the need for an external power source or even batteries, and makes field servicing easy.

Compliant with AWWA C704-08, the Mc Propeller includes instantaneous flow rate indicator and six-digit totalizer. You will not have to worry about tight tolerances with this high performing meter. It can handle solids suspended in water without clogging, and its innovative design even allows the meter to practically clean itself.

The Mc Propeller can deliver ± 2% of true accuracy and ± .25% repeatability over a flow range of 25 to 1. Regardless of the fluid type, it is adept at handling turbulent flows, and can easily be retrofitted to suit you needs.

Thanks to its high accuracy, the Mc Propeller is an ideal water management tool, helping to reduce water costs, prevent over-irrigation, and reduce the leaching of chemicals and fertilizers into the ground. Capable of operating a variety of environments, this adaptable flow meter has numerous agricultural, water, and wastewater applications. Little wonder it is one of the best selling meters in the country.

To learn more about this and other top-notch meters in our inventory, contact the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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