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The Problem Solver Flow Meter by: Eric Corey

McCrometer, which has been a meter manufacturer for over 55 years, has always been well known for Propeller, Electromagnetic, and Differential Pressure style flow meters. This leading expert on metering systems has always been up to speed with the latest developments in the industry, which is why 8 years ago it released the newly designed Full Profile Insertion (FPI) Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter, which has become one of the most important meters in the market.

The FPI Mag is an improved version of the Marsh Multi-Mag, which had a fiber glass body, streamlined design, and full profile that made it a staple since the 1990s.  The FPI is an insertion-style Flow Meter that provides great accuracy over wide flow ranges. It improves upon the previous version in many ways, being built with a durable 316 stainless steel body; incorporating the NSF Certified 3M fusion bonded epoxy coating from the Water Specialties Ultra Mag; and adding an extra set of electrodes that indicates your most erratic flow rates, increasing the meter’s accuracy on large line size and troublesome applications.

The end result of these upgrades is a very tough and increasingly reliable flow meter. Avanti’s own FPI specialist, Eric Corey, met with representatives and engineers from McCrometer, who noted that their goal was to create a “Bulletproof” meter – which by all accounts has been thoroughly accomplished. After seeing hundreds of different meter applications, Eric notes that the FPI Mag is top-notch. He’s installed them in some of the worst applications imaginable – including down flow, after 45 degree elbows, after 90 degree elbows, after 90 degree elbows in a down flow application, even in a partial pipe application – and it still functions with incredible reliability.

Where as most insertion mag and full bore mag meters simply take a partial pipe profile, the FPI Mag’s multiple sets of electrodes span the entire length of the pipe, allowing this meter to take a full pipe profile; this measures the exact flow at the top of the pipe as it does the bottom and center of the pipe and average them together to get an exact inferential measurement of the flow rate. This solves the problem of requiring pipe diameters before and after the flow meter to ensure a proper flow profile for the meters accuracy to be within factory specifications.

In short, McCrometer’s FPI Mag dawns a new era of flow metering as it allows the customer to install, maintain, and utilize without any disruption in service. That’s why Avanti Company, a leading provider of Water Meters, is proud to offer this Next Generation Mag to our valued customers. We’ll even provide any services or solutions you may need to optimize your meter’s performance. To learn more, please call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.


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