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The Propeller Meter: Your Trusted Partner in Water Flow Measurement


At the Avanti Company, our team provides reliable water metering solutions to meet every customer’s needs. One type of water meter we offer is the highly dependable propeller meter. Propeller meters, or flow meters, measure the rate of water flow through a pipe by using the force of a rotating propeller. This type of meter is used in many industrial and commercial applications, providing reliable and accurate readings.


When it comes to reliability, the propeller meter truly stands out. It is designed to provide accurate readings over a range of water velocities, and it is resistant to wear and tear so it can be used for long-term use. The material that the meter is constructed from is also made to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making it a great choice for any water system. Plus, the propeller meter does not need a power source so it is easy to install in various settings, including those where power is not always available.


At the Avanti Company, we take pride in providing the best water metering solutions to our customers. On top of our extensive database of products and services, we also offer technical support to ensure your installation and setup of a product goes as smoothly as possible. 


If you are looking for reliable and accurate flow meters, such as propeller meters, contact us in person at 800.284.5231 or visit us online. We are confident that we can provide the right solution for you and your business.

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