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The Q700 Meter – The Only Water Meter Of Its Kind

Elster has long been a global leader in providing the most innovative Flow Meter Products in the industry. So it is fitting that this cutting-edge manufacturer would develop the world’s first volumetric, no moving part residential Water Meter: the Q700 Fluidic Oscillator Water Meter.

By relying on the latest fluidic oscillation technology, it can accurately measure water in volumetric units without relying on parts that can get worn down or require maintenance. The Q700 displays marked linearity of accuracy over traditional mechanical meters, not to mention a quieter and more streamlined operation owing to the lack of part.

In addition to sustaining high performance for the long-term – especially when measuring particulate matter like sand, grit, and fine silt — the Q700 is highly accurate, exceeding stringent AWWA C713 requirements.

Independent tests and numerous client testimonials validate the Q700’s effectiveness in preventing significant losses in water metering revenue. In addition to its advanced leakage detection, it can pinpoint lack of flow, air, and instances of tampering or fraud. A clear LDC display and hi-tech encoded communication further facilitate data dispersion.

Moreover, the Q700 is compatible with AMR/AMI systems and can even be customized with factory potted connections to offer more installation options and greater longevity in pit environments.

The Q700 ensures that no lead is in contact with water, thereby complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act and NSF-372. This makes it ideal for Utilities seeking a long-lasting, low cost, and highly accurate metering solution. The integrated flow tube and meter casing are also environmentally sustainable, which is an additional bonus.

For more information on the Q700 Water Meter by Elster, contact the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.







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