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The Rapid Advancement of the Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The market for electromagnetic flow meters has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, and this pattern is expected to hold in the years to come. This increase is primarily attributable to technological advancements that have increased the accuracy and dependability of electromagnetic flow meters, allowing them to support a wider range of applications.


Magnetic flow meters gauge the speed at which a liquid is flowing through a pipe using Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. Mag meters can measure flow by creating a magnetic field and directing it through a conductive liquid. A voltage signal is produced when a conductor moves through the magnetic field. Electrodes measure the voltage signal’s magnitude and use that number to calculate flow rate. More voltage is generated as the liquid moves more quickly.


When magnetic flow meters were first developed, the conductive field was created using alternating current (AC). However, in order to account for noise, AC flow meters typically need a zero adjustment. Pulsed direct current (DC) magnetic flow meters were first introduced as a noise-reduction measure in 1974. As a result, pulsed DC meters have gained popularity and now account for a sizable portion of all magnetic inductive flow meters sold.


Users are increasingly turning to magnetic flow meters as a substitute technology for meter types like differential pressure, positive displacement, and turbine in some applications, in part because of the factors mentioned above.


The main advantage a magnetic flow meter sensor holds over positive displacement and turbine flow meters is that it has no moving parts. More and more users are considering magnetic technologies for applications where conductive liquids are being measured because moving parts are prone to wear and unreliability. A magnetic flow meter’s flow tube is also extremely durable and resistant to change.


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