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The Robust Capabilities of RedZone Robotics

redzoneSoloWe continue our focus on RedZone Robotics with a closer look at their robust product portfolio, designed to deliver accurate data for virtually any pipe regardless of complexity. RedZone’s products utilize robotic inspection technology to tackle many of the challenges involved in unique these unique environmental situations. When it comes to factors such as the level of debris, size, location, and flow level, the differences are exhaustive, but with RedZone’s capabilities these challenges become dramatically easier to address.

We previously discussed the Solo, intended for pipeline masses from 8” to 12”. With its strong focus on simplicity, the Solo can autonomously and quickly evaluate pipe in 360-degrees, providing a huge amount of data while eliminating inefficiency and waste.

As its name suggests, the Mid Diameter MSI is for pipe ranging from 15” to 36”. The MSI uses laser, CCTV, and sonar to reach up to 10,000 lineal feet, removing the need to enter difficult manholes. It’s particularly notable for its ability to maneuver in tight or restrictive spaces. Functioning as a sibling of sorts, the HD Profiler is for 30” to 84” pipe range and functions as a floating platform utilizing the same technology as the Mid Diameter MSI.

The Responder Tracked system builds upon the capabilities of the MSI by also including H2S gas detection. Its deployment can reach up to 8,000 lineal feet while inspecting pipe from 36” to more than 240”.

When accurate volumetric debris sediment and water level analysis calculations need to be made, the HDSonar Hub is a powerful solution for fully surcharged pipe conditions. It uses sonar to tackle force mains, siphons, and locations where access proves difficult. Utilities can also choose the Stand-Alone Sonar as another option.

The Avanti Company provides Leak detection products such as 64 seconds and RedZone, Flow Meters and Metering Systems products including water meters, industrial meters, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to maximize and better utilize the data coming into your Utility. Call 1-800-284-5231 for additional information on water and wastewater system products like RedZone or visit our website at www.avanticompany.com to learn more about the services we provide including on-site flow meter testing, sewer flow monitoring, and metering system support.

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