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The SL-RAT – A Proven Way to Avoid Sewer Overflows and Blockages

Few issues are more costly and time consuming to resolve than sewage blockages. That’s precisely why the Avanti Company carries the SL-RAT, the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool that is specially designed for the purposes of rapidly detecting blockages in your network.

Designed to be rugged, compactable, and lightweight, this state-of-the-art design is ideal for fast and mobile deployment. It utilizes the latest in acoustic testing technology in order to provide quick and easy results with minimum effort. Consider the following case study, which highlights the effectiveness of the SL-RAT’s innovative approach.

InfraMetrix, a leading provider of buried asset inventory and condition assessment data for water systems, conducted an extensive acoustic assessment of gravity sewer pipelines for a Florida utility this past February. Analyzing 555 pipeline sections totaling 120,153 linear feet, they grouped their findings based on the priority for maintenance to help avoid sewer backups and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

Group 1 – blockage scores between 0 and 3

Group 2 – blockage scores between 4 and 6

Group 3 – blockage scores between 7 and 10

Based on the field data, InfraMetrix recommended immediate action for Group 1, which accounted for only 17,000 linear feet (about nine percent) of all poplins. It took a two-person crew less than 10 days to evaluate around 120,000 linear feet, with field investigations, data analysis, and reporting costing less than 30 cents per foot.

Here’s what the company’s President and CEO, Bill DiTullio, had to say about the results of this project and why he’s in favor of the sort of acoustic testing offered by the SL-RAT:

Diagnostic tools like Acoustic and Zoom Camera Technology provide utilities with more than adequate data to cost-effectively identify and address issues before failures occur.

It’s time that all utilities consider the use of technologies like these. They will improve the ability to manage consistent and reliable performance”

That’s why the SL-RAT is so valuable. It offers accurate results in less than three minutes, with the ability to inspect over 10,000 linear feet a day. Thanks to its no-flow contact design, the meter has an operating cost of one-tenth to one-twentieth that of the common CCTV alternative.

In short, the SL-RAT offers many great solutions and advantages over alternative assessment tools. To learn more about other water and Flow Meters in our inventory, call the Avanti Company 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com


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