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The Top 3 Residential Flow Meters and Accessories

Monitoring water flow and water usage is essential for all buildings and facilities to track their consumption for conservation and budgeting purposes. Many places have local, state, and area restrictions and regulations about water consumption. Monitoring water flow with water meters can help verify the accuracy of consumption, identify leaks, conserve water, and help make sure facilities comply with regulations. Avanti Company offers several options for residential flow meters and accessories. 

The evoq4 from Honeywell is a water metering system with a level of accuracy that allows it to be used in applications across five commercial meter lines – compounds, turbines, single jets, mag meters, and large positive displacement meters. Its accuracy and versatility allow for precise measurement and advanced flow technology. Meter size ranges from 1.5” to 12”.

Oval covers from Nicor are oval meter box covers that retrofit preexisting oval meter boxes for the purpose of new installations. Nicor’s Read-Rite® polymer oval meter box covers are RF-transparent to allow for precise radio-read metering system readings. Nicor offers eight different sizes, ranging from lengths of 9.75” to 19.25” and weights ranging from 1.95 pounds to 4.6 pounds. 

Nicor’s polymer rectangle lids offer similar support with both new construction and older meter installations. New AMI systems deployed by water utility companies can improve RF propagation by swapping out old-style lids with polymer rectangle lids. Nicor’s version weighs 80% less than concrete and can help improve the safety of field personnel dealing with industrial meters by being the lightweight and efficient option. Polymer rectangle lids range in thickness of 1” up to 2.5”, with weights of 2.9 pounds to 32.5 pounds. 

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