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The UltraLiner™: McCrometer’s Fusion-Bonded Flow Meter Liner

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McCrometer has developed a proprietary fusion-bonded epoxy coating called UltraLiner™ for its mag meters, which eliminates the need for traditional liners.

Liners in mag meters are prone to problems such as tearing, delamination, and perforation, which can cause downtime and maintenance issues. The UltraLiner, made of materials engineered by 3M, is applied to McCrometer’s mag meters in their factory headquarters in Hemet, CA, and offers a lifetime guarantee against delamination and tearing. Field-proven performance of the UltraLiner has been observed in agriculture, municipal, and industrial applications, where it has been implemented to measure harsh flow media, resist corrosion, and prevent liner-related issues.

McCrometer’s factory process for manufacturing the UltraLiner, which includes blasting the meter to remove foreign particulates and applying powdered coating in a fluidized bed dip tank, ensures a durable and high-quality epoxy coating. The UltraLiner is a standard feature in McCrometer’s full-bore mag meters and contributes to the product’s durability and longevity.

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