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The V-Cone Significantly Eases Subsea Flow Measurement

vConeSubsea oil and gas production systems often find themselves tackling a dicey situation when they must measure flow at depths as much as 10,000 feet. These systems are incredibly varied and complex, and most of them require flow measurements at each stage of operation, particularly at well heads and
where production lines merge or diverge.

Flow meters are capable of allocating gases and production liquids to certain wells while also monitoring essential processes and measuring water and chemical injection or dry gas injection. Even with these advancements, subsea module manufacturers must take into account factors such as ocean floor transportation and space constraints when determining which flow meter to use. If the meter requires significant upstream and downstream metering runs in order to deliver accuracy, it can become unnecessarily troublesome for flow measurement module builders. Additionally, subsea systems must also deal with rigid standards to ensure long-term accuracy and repeatability as modules are often built to last over two decades without needing to be retrieved or maintained.

McCrometer’s V-Cone® requires straight pipe run of just zero to three pipe diameters upstream and zero to one pipe diameters downstream, delivering a small footprint and more than sixty percent less straight pipe run. In fact, it is more compact than any differential pressure meter intended for subsea applications. With its compactness, manufacturers are free to place the flow meter precisely where it’s required without having to worry about adding extra pipe.

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