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The Value of Your Flow Meter Data

There is no doubt that modern water meters have numerous advantages, such as eliminating the need for manual reading. Smart meters generate a ton of data, often more than a utility can use. However, though meter data has great value, this value only becomes obvious when it is used. 


All that said, have you ever examined the financial implications of routine meter data on your utility? And how does a utility determine its value to determine whether the investment is worthwhile? 


To begin, consider identifying the difficulties encountered. Is finding leaks your top priority, or do you want to make fewer field visits? Maybe all you’re looking for is a simple, low-maintenance meter solution. You might want to think about things like the expense of a field trip and the amount of water wasted due to leaks. You can get a better picture of what the utility stands to benefit from the data by calculating these numbers.


Utilizing results benchmarks makes it simple to quantify resources and save money with today’s meters. Your smart meter can produce data value in a number of ways, including increased accuracy, better meter reading, minimal to no water loss, and improved customer service.


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