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Three Ways Businesses Can Save Water Using Flow Data

Water savings can be calculated at several points throughout a building, but only if a precise and reliable flow monitoring instrument is used. Accurate flow data collected at regular intervals can help with decisions about normal operations. 


Here are the three primary applications of flow measurement data that can help engineers, technicians, and operators achieve water conservation objectives.


Monitoring for Leak Detection

Today, water is one of the most valuable commodities. Water usage in industrial operations is typically rather high, so it is important for facilities to install meters to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. In order to detect leaks, system problems, and malfunctioning equipment like valves and pumps, a facility can install multiple metering stations throughout its pipeline and compare the data over time. The failure of an automatic shut-off valve used to regulate the flow of water cooling equipment, for example, would be flagged by a flow meter transmitting data to a management system at regular intervals, indicating water wasted during a period of non-operation.



Highly accurate, repeatable flow measurements are advantageous for industrial operations that must submit reports to regional, state, or federal regulators, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the U.S. Geological Society (USGA). Large water-flowing facilities will see a noticeable difference between a 2% accurate meter and a 0.2% accurate meter, which can result in financial savings as well as lower water usage and effluent levels.


Lowering Water Footprint

It’s crucial to invest in useful measurement technology when the stakes are high to satisfy environmental and corporate ambitions affecting a company’s water footprint. Operators and technicians will be able to determine efficiency and conservation using flow data collected. Companies can quantify the amount of water they treat and return to the community in addition to recycling process water for reuse at facilities. 


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