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Unlocking Efficiency: How McCrometer Flow Meters and Telemetry Lead the Way


When it comes to managing water resources for municipalities, accurate and efficient flow measurement is becoming increasingly important. That is why the use of telemetry has revolutionized the way that municipalities and water management authorities measure and monitor flow. 


At the Avanti Company, we understand the invaluable role that telemetry plays in the municipal market, which is why we offer high-quality McCrometer flow meters paired with a telemetry system for enhanced accuracy and data collection. With our products, municipalities and water management authorities can access real-time data, monitor usage, and manage their wastewater systems reliably.


Let us take a further look into the advantages of using McCrometer flow meters combined with a telemetry system.


Near Real-Time Data for Quick Decision Making 

When it comes to making timely decisions, accurate and reliable data is crucial. Using McCrometer flow meters coupled with a telemetry system, data can be collected more frequently and transmitted quickly, allowing municipalities to respond to flow rate changes sooner. 


Higher Accuracy and Efficiencies 

McCrometer flow meters utilize advanced sensors and data collection devices for a higher level of accuracy, reducing the need for manual data collection and minimizing human errors. Additionally, coupling telemetry with our flow meters makes operation more efficient, which leads to time and money: a win-win situation for everybody involved. 


Data-Driven Solutions 

Having access to historical data trends and patterns is key for municipalities and water authorities. Utilizing McCrometer flow meters and a telemetry system gives you a better understanding of water usage and distribution networks, while enabling beneficial demand-side management strategies to help save water and money. 


Improved Maintenance and Asset Management 

McCrometer flow meters provide near real-time data for maintenance and asset management. By continuously monitoring flow meter equipment, anomalies and malfunctions can be detected to better diagnose issues. That way, municipalities can schedule regular maintenance before small problems turn into costly repairs.


Partnering with the Avanti Company for your flow meters ensures that you are able to utilize new and innovative technologies to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your operations. By utilizing the latest technologies, such as telemetry and McCrometer flow meters, municipalities can reduce water wastage, optimize operations, and save money in the long run.


To learn more about the Avanti Company and the services and products we provide, including flow meters and on-site flow meter testing, please visit us online or call us at 800.284.5231.

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