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Using Sewer Flow Monitoring to Examine Inflow & Infiltration


Flow monitoring can help utilities detect the presence, quantity, and nature of problems within a community’s sewer system. Specifically, it can assist in determining whether pipes are undersized at a particular area, whether pipes need to be replaced, and where leaks may provide serious issues.


Infiltration and inflow can frequently lead to negative environmental effects, regulatory compliance concerns, increased treatment costs, and excessive collection system use. Flow monitoring is the initial step in identifying problem areas and allowing communities to implement continuous, proactive sewer flow monitoring programs.


Recent developments in flow monitoring enable operators to rely on sensors and recording devices to automatically read and document flow rates as well as depth and rate to identify if a system is experiencing inflow and infiltration problems. The obtained data can provide cities with valuable system-specific information. This includes verifying whether the system operates consistently under free-flow conditions, identifying the presence of sanitary sewage overflows and backwater conditions, and quantifying available capacity.


The ability to now gather, synthesize, and distribute data represents a substantial advancement in flow monitoring technology. Nonetheless, the volume of collected data and the frequency of measurements can quickly become overwhelming. Through technological developments, accumulated data can be presented in an easier-to-understand format. This vast range of data can be utilized to influence decisions and long-term objectives about community development. 


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