Flow Meters & Metering Systems

Utility Meters from McCrometer for Water Plants

The Avanti Company offers multiple types of products for both water plants and utility distribution systems. Flow meters in this collection offer wide-ranging flow rates for pipes ranging from 2″ to 144″ and fit almost all applications. We are proud to represent companies like McCrometer and Water Specialities. Applications include propeller, flanged electromagnetic flow, differential pressure meters, and insertion full profile mag meters.


The Ultra Mag from McCrometer is an electromagnetic flow meter that can measure liquids, slurries, and sludge in the water and wastewater industry. The system includes a wide flow range, no head loss, and virtually no maintenance, delivering accurate and reliable results.


Custom-built meters reduce labor installation and save money in the long run. Through this, they offer:


  • Special lay lengths

  • Flanged end connections

  • Meter or remotely mounted converter

  • Custom cable lengths up to 500ft

  • Quick Connect sensor fittings for installation


Use the Ultra Mag for:


  • Industrial raw water

  • Industrial process control

  • Industrial effluent wastewater

  • Industrial cooling water

  • Clean water for well water

  • Clean water for pump stations

  • Clean water for raw water transmissions

  • Wastewater influent and effluent

  • Wastewater lift stations

  • Wastewater waste activated sludge and return activated sludge


For more than 55 years, McCromter has committed itself to integrity, which shows through its high-quality products and processes. Each flow meter is individually et calibrated in NIST traceable calibration facilities and has a Certificate of Calibration.


The Ultra Mag from McCromter is available through The Avanti Company. We offer flow meters and collection system meters for a variety of applications.

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