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Utility Revenue Billing Meters With Honeywell’s Mag Meter

Water meters today need to be durable, accurate, and reliable. Honeywell’s battery-powered mag meter, the evoQ4, provides a well-rounded solution for commercial water utility metering, meeting the needs of traditional turbines, compounds, electromagnetic meters, and single jets. 

The battery operated evoQ4 makes use of advanced technology to produce accurate results in most flow conditions and applications. Standard accuracy performance range lies between 99.25% and 100.75% of true value throughout normal flow range. Honeywell’s meter, which is available through the Avanti Company’s collection of flow meters online, can accommodate both high and low flow rates and handle bulk flow metering applications like leakage detection and commercial billing. 

The installation process for the evoQ4 is quite easy when talking about collection system meters. It fits simply without the need for grounding rings. It is designed without moving parts to be maintenance-free, coming with ten-year battery life or optional replacement battery. It requires virtually not maintenance, unlike older technology water meters, making job sites and meter reading more efficient. 

Remote displays are optional and have a clear LCD for easy access to even the hardest-to-read applications. Remote displays include two pulse outputs for connection to ancillary and process monitoring devices. These family of meters also offer the option of providing encoder output that can be connected to most AMR/AMI devices. The evoQ4 can be used within flooded meter chambers with reliable connection to critical management systems. 

The evoQ4 can substitute most traditional turbines, compounds, single jet, and electromagnetic meters. It is available as the evoQ4 LF (low flow), the evoQ4 FSM (fire services meter), or the standard evoQ4. 

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