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Water Meter Market Recovery and Impact

Water meters provide accurate readings on the volumes of water that are delivered to a given property. Companies can access accurate flow meter readings through on site flow meter testing. According to A2Z Market Research, a company that conducts research that helps determine smart business goals, the following companies, including the Avanti Company, have been mentioned:

  • Sensus Metering

  • Master Meter, Inc

  • RG3 Meter Company

  • Diehl Stiftung & Co.

  • KG

  • Badger Meter, Inc

  • Zenner

  • Aclara Technologies LLC

  • G. Gioanola S.R.L

  • Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.

  • Elster Group GmbH

  • Jiaxing Eastron Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd

  • Apator SA

  • Arad Group

  • LianLi Water Meter

  • Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd

  • Neptune Technology Group Inc

  • Kamstrup Water Metering

  • SLC Meter

The global water meter market is anticipated to see a sizable expansion in the next year, lending credit for its highest market value to 2019. It is expected that it will surpass that number.


Market research conducted by A2Z Market Research on the Avanti Company’s industry-level flow meter, among others, took into account Porter’s Five Forces to analyze the prominent features, to understand suppliers and their customers, any possible associated risk, size of the competition, and any emerging businesspersons to gain an overall understanding of resources. The report also includes water meter research data of these companies, their benefits, gross margin, and their strategic decisions as they pertain to the overall market. The report also took into account the large impact COVID-19 had on the industry.


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