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WaterPoint PLD Provides Dynamic Leak Detection

We conclude our spotlight of the 64seconds WaterPoint tool with a closer look at the WaterPoint PLD. This is a specially designed highly sensitive listening device used in the water delivery system to detect possible leaks. The PLD2 App allows users to record and save an infinite number of recordings and play them back at distinct locations. PLD is also incorporated into the WPN Asset Management app to allow users to link asset records, monitor leaks and repairs, and report GIS data and PDF output. High-quality audio processing enables smartphone users to more rapidly and reliably find and detect leaks than in the past.

Some of the advanced features of WaterPoint PLD include a trio of manually selectable filters, boosting frequency to detect leak sounds that would otherwise be inaudible, and leak pinpointing using sound level analyzation, to name a few.

WaterPoint PLD includes all of the necessary components including a sensor unit, probe bar, rugged headphones, a detachable eyebolt filter and handle rod extension, and even a safety vest. The carrying case makes it easy to transport everything to each location as necessary.

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