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We Offer Nicor, Inc. Meter Box Lids and AMR/AMI Endpoint Brackets

The transition to AMR and AMI devices is being undertaken by Utilities across the country to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their metering operations. This process is challenged by existing meter box lids, which often serve as a barrier to the radio signals being transmitted from inside the Flow Meter‘s meter pit.

Simply replacing the meter box lid or providing brackets markedly improves AMR/AMI performance and can save much time and money from having to replace the entire meter box assembly. But you need the right experts to help implement this specialized solution, which is why The Avanti Company works with Nicor, Inc., a global leader in the design of custom meter box lids and brackets.

Nicor, Inc. was founded in 1984 for solving just these sorts of difficult problems, and has remained the go-to source for cutting-edge products that ensure the proper functioning, longevity, and performance of metering systems. Its Read Rite Polymer Meter Box Lids are custom-made for almost every size and operation, saving you the costly and time-consuming process of changing the entire box.

Moreover, Nicor, Inc. can create custom AMR/AMI endpoint brackets to properly hold the radio transmitter in the meter box, assuring good radio propagation and reliability. No matter what system you are using, this innovative company has the solution you need.

The Avanti Company’s close relationship with Nicor, Inc. allows us exclusive distribution rights for these vital products in Florida and Georgia. You won’t find a better solution to replacing your meter box lid with an AMR/AMI-friendly alternative, or for solving your endpoint mounting challenges. To learn more, contact  800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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