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What Goes Into Flow Meter Testing

The Avanti company offers on-site flow meter testing to agricultural, industrial, municipal, plants, residential, and commercial industries. State and local authorities mandate periodic testing of each flow meter to ensure its accuracy and performance, including withdrawals, processes, and reporting.


Our crews provide on-site meter testing with certified personnel to make sure collection system meters are operating as they should, falling within the required guidelines. We are certified by the Water Management Districts for testing and meter certification. We use non-intrusive, certified metering technology so meters can be tested without turning off service.


During the process of checking flow meters, we will test flow, calibration, assurance, and processing.


We make sure that liquids are moving under realistic and required flow conditions during the calibration testing. In the currency and processing phase, we make sure that all parts are operating as they should, without leaks, to save water and money on water bills.


We offer a variety of flow meters to help you maintain the highest level of quality in your collection systems – Hach, McCrometer, Water Specialities, 64 Seconds, and InfoSense, to name a few.


Proper testing is crucial in preventing and detecting leaks. Leaks lead to extreme damage financially, physically, and environmentally if left untreated. Our services aim to mitigate that risk and keep the collection systems of our customers safe, fast, and effective for years to come.


To learn more about The Avanti Company and the services and products we provide, please visit us online or call us at 800.284.5231.

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