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What Mag Meter Options Are Available to You?

Electromagnetic meters (also known simply as mag meters) have a solid reputation for their optimum accuracy which is often used for a multitude of municipal and industrial water applications. However, the distinct design of each mag meter plays a major role in its ease of installation, maintenance, and calibration.

All mag meters use Faraday’s Law as a foundation for their technology. They provide reliable operation and even if conditions are turbulent. A Full-Bore Mag Meter, for example, features a design which results in an electromagnetic field within a pipe cross-section, delivering + 0.5-percent flow measurement accuracy. The non-invasive design means the pipeline cross-section is entirely unobstructed, accommodating a broad range of fluids including waste-activated sludge. Although the flanged format is somewhat convenient for new construction installation, replacement and removal for calibration may cause issues, particularly with increases in the size of a pipeline.

A Full Profile Insertion Mag Meter features a design able to sense flow at several locations throughout the pipe’s full diameter. Hot-tap installation and maintenance convenience can save over forty percent on installation and ownership costs versus full-bore mag meters. And then there is the Insertion Mag Meter — Single Profile which provides affordable hot-tap convenience at the cost of a single measurement location, resulting in limited accuracy to + 2 percent of scale.

FPI mag meters deliver accuracy on the same level as full-bore mag meters but with a significantly lower total cost of ownership across many aspects.

Let’s take the convenience. Hot tap installation is a major advantage in water distribution and treatment where extra effort is made to avoid shutdowns. The design of FPI mag meters means there is little issue in adapting to preexisting pipeline configurations where other types of meters won’t fit. Furthermore, hot-tap mounting of FPI mag meters reduces the time requirements and out-of-pocket expenses for heavy equipment rental or contracted installation. Life cycle costs, the speed of installation, and the minimized labor involved are additional reasons to consider an FPI mag meter.

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