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What You Can Do to Help Make Water Meters More Accessible

Depending on its location and type, a water meter may require regular inspection. Therefore, it is essential that water meters are always accessible so that they may be inspected and analyzed promptly. Having easy access to the meter also ensures that it can be swiftly turned off in an emergency. The property owner or tenant is responsible for keeping the space around the meter clear of any obstructions. If the meter is blocked or inaccessible, the meter readers will notify the property owner or tenant and request that the blockage be removed or the surrounding area be cleared. Listed below are examples of how you can contribute to meter accessibility.

Trim Plants, Trees, and Shrubs
Plants can quickly cover a meter throughout the growing season, so be sure to trim the grass, trees, and bushes that surround the meter.

Keep Pets at a Distance
Pets should be kept indoors or chained away from the meter. If you have a security dog, please notify your meter readers ahead of time so they are aware.

Clear Away Anything That Block Meters
Make sure that nothing blocks or covers the meter’s entrance. Cars, trailers, building supplies, fences, landscape bark, gravel, and plants have all been discovered to be obstructions to meters.

Provide Access to Locked Gates
If your gate must be kept locked, provide a key or phone to schedule a reading time.

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