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Why The Avanti Company Carries McCrometer and Water Specialties Flow Meters

The Avanti Company has always strived to offer the finest Flow Meter Products and metering systems on the market. That is why, for over four decades, we’ve been working with McCrometer and Water Specialties – one of the most trusted and established companies in the meter industry.

The company’s commitment to providing innovative metering solutions runs deep: it was founded in Hemet, California in 1955 by engineers who were seeking the right flow meter for their irrigation system. Once they independently devised their own innovative solution, they set out to provide such critical services to customers all over the world.

McCrometer’s unique solutions-oriented approach is what has allowed it to remain a global leader to this day. Utilities, businesses, and municipalities of all types and sizes turn to them for their most demanding and crucial meter needs. Few companies are so universally trusted and proven.

Because McCrometer handles all aspects of meter production – from design to manufacturing and testing – every one of its products meets the strictest standards of quality and reliability. They employ some of the best engineers, researchers, and designers in the industry, applying their combined expertise in flow physics and operating dynamics to find solutions to real-world measurement problems.

This inventive and meticulous approach has lead to some of the most accurate and dependable flow meters on the market. McCrometer’s premium flow meters are suited for numerous applications – including water, steam, and gas measurement – and a variety of industries, such as utility, agriculture, oil and gas, chemical, HVAC, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

With flow measurements that meet or surpass even the most demanding safety and quality standards, the Avanti Company is proud to carry McCrometer meters. Thanks to our decades of working together, the Avanti Company can service and repair all McCrometer and Water Specialties Flow Meters brand meters in our state-of-the-art facility in Avon Park, Florida. So if you have a McCrometer meter in need of repair or replacement, or would like any more information on these meters, call 863-453-5336 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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