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Year End Review Of Flow Meter Products

The Avanti Company would like to wish our customers a safe and Happy New Year’s. As 2015 approaches, we look back on the many Water Meters and Flow Meter Products that have been highlighted this past year. The following review will cover some of the vital metering solutions worth considering well into 2015 as beyond.

Liquid Controls M-15 Meter
Developed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers, this meter features innovative Rotary Motion Positive Displacement (PD), which makes it for applications that require precise flow measurement over a long period of time. It was specially designed to serve a variety of industries – from fuels and agriculture to beverages and textiles. The M-15’s low pressure drop allows it to operate in either gravity flow or pump pressure, while the lack of metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber minimizes wear and tear and maintenance costs for the long-term.

Nicor, Inc. Meter Box Lids and AMR/AMI Endpoint Brackets
The increasing transition to AMR and AMI devices by Utilities is challenged by existing meter box lids, which often serve as a barrier to the radio signals being transmitted from inside. Replacing the meter box lid or providing brackets significantly improves AMR/AMI performance and saves considerable time and money. Nicor, Inc., a global leader in the design of custom meter box lids and brackets, offers Read Rite Polymer Meter Box Lids that are custom-made for almost every size and operation. It can also create custom AMR/AMI endpoint brackets to properly hold the radio transmitter in the meter box, thus ensuring good radio propagation and reliability.

WaterMind Analyzer
Developed by Itron, one of the most trusted providers of data management in the world, his state-of-the-art data-logger was specially designed to promote optimum intelligence at the metering point, processing data as early and accurately as possible. It constantly audits up to four meters, comparing real-time water consumption with meter performance and flow range. You can detect almost any issue immediately, such as incorrect meter type or size, receiving the data directly to mobile phones. Pre-analyzed consumption data is transferred everyday to proprietary supervision software, eliminating the need for a laptop. The result is quick and accurate information with minimal cost.

Portaflow PF44OIP
Combining simplicity with versatility, this state-of-the-art meter from Micronics is suited to numerous vital applications, including leak detection, boiler testing, balancing systems, hydraulic system testing, filter sizing, and more. Portaflow’s compact and rugged design allows for quick and accurate flow measurement at minimal time and cost. Its easy-to-follow menu and simple installation provides results within minutes.  Thanks to its IP67 case and clamp-on IP68-rated transducers, the meter can provide performance in very hostile industrial environments, often as high as four months with one hour interval logging. Portaflow’s DSP measurement technique and Reynolds number correction further optimize its accuracy and dependability.

These are just a handful of the many other metering solutions offered by the Avanti Company every year. For more information, contact 1-800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.


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