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From Data to Sustainability: How Flow Meters Transform Water Management

The widespread adoption of water conservation initiatives has been driven by several corporate objectives, ranging from financial rewards and social responsibility to compliance with environmental regulations. To truly manage a facility’s water usage, operators need to understand the data on water usage at various points within the system. To do this, an accurate and dependable … Continued

Redefining Water Management with Flow Meters

  The global population is growing, and with it, the demand for water. In order to meet this demand, utilities are under pressure to find ways to conserve water and reduce losses. One way to do this is to use flow meters.   Flow meters are devices that measure the volume of water flowing through … Continued

Unlocking Efficiency: How McCrometer Flow Meters and Telemetry Lead the Way

  When it comes to managing water resources for municipalities, accurate and efficient flow measurement is becoming increasingly important. That is why the use of telemetry has revolutionized the way that municipalities and water management authorities measure and monitor flow.    At the Avanti Company, we understand the invaluable role that telemetry plays in the … Continued

The Benefits of Flow Measurement for Smart Water Meters

Flow measurement is an essential part of any smart water meter system. Smart water meters are used to monitor water usage. Detailed flow measurement information is important for utilities because it allows for efficient and accurate monitoring of water usage, helping to ensure that water is used responsibly and sustainably.   Flow measurement refers to … Continued

Flow Meter Testing Made Easy: How The Avanti Company Can Help Your Agricultural, Industrial and Municipal Needs

  Flow meters are essential for measuring and monitoring the flow of liquids and gasses. This is especially important for agricultural, industrial and municipal customers who need to periodically test their flow meters at wells, plants, and residential and commercial customers. The Avanti Company is certified to provide this type of testing and certifications.   … Continued

Unlock the Benefits of Real-Time Data with a Flow Meter for Wastewater Treatment

  Wastewater treatment is a critical service that utilities provide to their communities. Ensuring that the wastewater is properly treated and disposed of is essential for public health and safety. Unfortunately, the industry is facing an uphill battle as aging infrastructure, increased regulatory oversight, and a growing population all contribute to rising costs and potential … Continued

What Goes Into Flow Meter Testing: An In-Depth Look at the Process

  Flow meters are essential components to a variety of industries and applications. It’s no surprise that testing and calibration of flow meters is an important step in ensuring accurate and reliable measurements. Before we dive into the details of flow meter testing, let’s first review what a flow meter is and why it’s used. … Continued

Getting to Know the Basics of Clamp-On Flow Meters

Clamp-on flow meters are an important tool for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gasses. They are used in a variety of applications, ranging from chemical processing to water treatment. Clamp-on flow meters are easy to install and provide accurate measurements without the need to cut into pipes or disrupt the flow of the … Continued

The Top Tips to Ensure Accurate Calibration of Flow Meters

Flow meters are essential components in many industries as they measure the rate of flow of liquids or gasses. If a flow meter is not correctly calibrated, then it can lead to incorrect readings, which can have a huge impact on the operations of the business.   Therefore, it is essential to ensure that flow … Continued

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Optimize Conservation & Save Big With High-Precision Electromagnetic Flow Meters

In our increasingly water-conscious world, efficient water management is not just an environmental responsibility but a growing economic necessity. Water, with its once seemingly unending supply, is now a precious, and potentially costly, commodity. The continued escalation in water costs highlights the imperative need to optimize water usage. Utilizing high-accuracy electromagnetic flow meters can be … Continued