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McCrometer FlowConnect™ System Will Help You Save Money and Time

If you need a wireless telemetry solution for flow and sensor data, look no further than the FC500 FlowConnect™ system from McCrometer.   The FlowConnect system can be installed remotely or directly on the meter, and it can be utilized with either mechanical or digital registers. The system utilizes cellular or satellite radio for communication … Continued

Don’t Let COVID-19 Affect Your Utility

Managers of water and wastewater treatment facilities have a vital role to deliver secure drinking water supply and ensure the quality and condition of discharge water while taking adequate measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With operating facilities cutting down on staff members, there is little room to shut down systems or take on … Continued

Dynasonics TFX-5000 Available Through The Avanti Company

Avon Park, FL – 09/10/2019 – The Avanti Company has the much anticipated Dynasonics® TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on meter in stock and available for immediate delivery. In addition to its flow and energy measurement, TFX-5000 meters come with useful features for applications in HVAC, water and wastewater, oil and gas, industrial, and more. Among these features … Continued

Upgrading to an AMI Metering Solution

Bolstered by a need to upgrade revenue and efficiency operations while also reducing wastage and improving customer service, water utilities are progressively choosing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), including smart meters. Utilities face mounting financial pressure from non-technical water losses such as potable water system leaks due to leaks as well as uneconomical revenue recovery which … Continued

Multiple Electrodes Make for Greater Accuracy with the FPI Mag

The drive to provide an optimum level of service plus the scarcity of water has spurred utility managers to concentrate more on obtaining the most accurate and current insights into their distribution systems. A major aspect of this involves flow measurement. Traditional center-line electromagnetic flow meters do not account for variations in velocities across a … Continued

Better Water Asset Management with WaterPoint Network

  As more and more municipalities race to become “Smart Cities”, the chase for non-revenue water as well as water asset management has become one of great importance. The WaterPoint Network (WPN) tool by 64seconds has increasingly become a vital solution to assist with these efforts. Keeping track of pipe, valve, meters and water source … Continued

Flow Measurement Solutions for Power Plants

Steam generating power plants often see varied types of water flow, from process samples of small size to much larger condenser cooling water. Monitoring these different flows can prove to be a challenge, particularly the high volume flow of larger pipes or pipes that lack enough straight run sections where a standard meter could be … Continued

Read a Book Excerpt from Our Co-Founder

More than four decades ago, husband and wife team Paul and Justine Devlin co-founded The Avanti Company in Avon Park and since then, we have continued to service the Florida flow meter and metering systems market. Justine recently wrote a new book titled “When did I see you Lord” and we thought our blog readers … Continued

Smart Water Meters Save Money

Installation cost is something important to keep in mind when dealing with water meters and your distribution network. With that in mind, there are a couple of useful things smart water meters can do that may end up being valuable and save a utility money in the long run. Temperature detection. While temperatures rarely drop … Continued

FLO-DAR Delivers Easy Open Channel Flow Monitoring

For industrial water, wastewater, or collection systems applications, the Hach FLO-DAR® AV Sensor delivers a unique approach to monitoring open channel flow. Using a fusion of modern technology like Digital Doppler Radar velocity sensing with ultrasonic pulse echo depth sensing, the FLO-DAR is able to measure this channel flow remotely. It works with the wireless … Continued

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Optimize Conservation & Save Big With High-Precision Electromagnetic Flow Meters

In our increasingly water-conscious world, efficient water management is not just an environmental responsibility but a growing economic necessity. Water, with its once seemingly unending supply, is now a precious, and potentially costly, commodity. The continued escalation in water costs highlights the imperative need to optimize water usage. Utilizing high-accuracy electromagnetic flow meters can be … Continued