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McCrometer FlowConnect™ System Will Help You Save Money and Time

If you need a wireless telemetry solution for flow and sensor data, look no further than the FC500 FlowConnect™ system from McCrometer.


The FlowConnect system can be installed remotely or directly on the meter, and it can be utilized with either mechanical or digital registers. The system utilizes cellular or satellite radio for communication and is equipped with rechargeable batteries that may be charged using either conventional electricity or solar energy.


Data collection by hand can lead to inaccuracies, in addition to adding cost and effort. The FlowConnect data is reliable, so managers can more easily achieve their billing, conservation, and efficiency goals. In addition to being cable-free and cost-effective, the system’s minimalist design also eliminates unnecessary steps and materials. Integrating with pre-existing meter databases is straightforward, and data can be reported daily or even every fifteen minutes.


ExactRead technology is built into FlowConnect and guarantees a one-to-one correspondence between the meter’s readings and those shown on the website. To assure an exact match, this method takes a sample of the digital register’s totalizer value. Any McCrometer or Water Specialties Propeller flow meter, new or old, can have FlowConnect added to it.


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