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Why Propeller Meters are the Perfect Solution for Water Flow Measurement

  Water flow measurement is a critical task in numerous industrial, agricultural, and commercial sectors. A reliable way to undertake this mission-critical task is to use efficient flow meters known for their precision and durability. Particularly, propeller meter technology has emerged appreciably for its accuracy and longevity in this regard. But what exactly makes propeller … Continued

Revolutionizing Water Management with Propeller Meters

  As industry-leading distributors, we prioritize offering superior and steadfast water metering solutions to each of our customers. One such innovative solution you’ll find in our extensive range of products is the exceptionally reliable propeller meter.   Propeller meters are instrumental in various industrial and commercial activities, offering precise readings regarding water flow rates through … Continued

Unlocking the Benefits of Propeller Meters to Accurately Measure Flow

When it comes to accurately measuring the flow of liquids or gases, propeller meters are the go-to solution. Propeller meters, also known as turbine meters, are highly accurate, reliable and durable. They offer superior accuracy when compared to other flow-measuring devices, such as orifice plates and venturis, making them the preferred choice for many industries. … Continued

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How AMR and AMI Technical Support Enhances Meter Reading & Water Management

  As a utility provider, one knows that accurate flow meter readings are crucial to deliver precision in billing and efficiency in water management. In this progressively technical world, manual meter reading techniques have dramatically minimized, replaced by smart water solutions rendering more reliable and streamlined services. Leveraging Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering … Continued