Flow Meters & Metering Systems

An Introduction to Water Flow Meters

Water flow meters are an essential part of any water system, providing an accurate and reliable measure of the amount of water that passes through a pipe. Flow meters are used to measure the rate of fluid flow, typically in gallons per minute (GPM) or cubic feet per second (CFS). Flow meters can be used … Continued

The Value of Your Flow Meter Data

There is no doubt that modern water meters have numerous advantages, such as eliminating the need for manual reading. Smart meters generate a ton of data, often more than a utility can use. However, though meter data has great value, this value only becomes obvious when it is used.    All that said, have you … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Water Meters

Smart water meters are connected to a local or wide area network wirelessly, allowing for remote monitoring of water usage and leak detection. With the help of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, a smart water meter is able to remotely monitor usage, detect leaks and tampering, and read flow and pressure irregularities in real … Continued

Partnership Between Itron and SmartThings Unlocks Utility Energy Analytics for Carbon Reduction

Itron, Inc. and SmartThings, Inc. are collaborating to deliver a seamless energy experience by integrating Itron’s industrial IoT network solution and SmartThings’ services and solution. The companies intend to combine their industry-leading IoT platforms to enable utilities to unlock the user experience and rapidly increase value for both consumers and utilities through enhanced distributed energy … Continued

The Rapid Advancement of the Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The market for electromagnetic flow meters has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, and this pattern is expected to hold in the years to come. This increase is primarily attributable to technological advancements that have increased the accuracy and dependability of electromagnetic flow meters, allowing them to support a wider range of applications.   Magnetic … Continued

Important Considerations for Utilities Seeking ‘Smarter’ Technology

Water utilities are increasingly relying on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), including smart meters, to increase operational efficiencies and revenues, reduce waste, and improve customer service. The vastly expanded capabilities provided by AMI have a positive impact on how utilities collect data, bill for usage, and communicate with their customers. When considering using AMI, utilities should … Continued

Why Are Smart Water Meters Necessary?

One of the best innovations for water conservation and cost-savings is the development of smart water meters, which is gradually replacing the conventional methods of measuring water consumption. A smart water meter is a device that wirelessly connects to a local or wide area network to enable remote water usage monitoring and leak detection, minimizing … Continued

Aspects to Consider When Assessing Flow Meter Accuracy

When it comes to flow meter accuracy, regardless of the type or manufacturer of flow meter used in a system, there are two key aspects of flow meter that must be considered.   First, the equipment’s actual stated accuracy range, which will be given as a percentage figure like +/- 0.2%. This would suggest that … Continued

The Functions and Principles of a Turbine Flow Meter

  A turbine flow meter is a device for measuring volume. As liquid or gas travels through the turbine housing, it causes the blades to revolve. The velocity of the fluid traveling through the flow meter is directly proportional to the velocity of the turbine rotor.   The rotor is connected to a set of … Continued

Using Sewer Flow Monitoring to Examine Inflow & Infiltration

  Flow monitoring can help utilities detect the presence, quantity, and nature of problems within a community’s sewer system. Specifically, it can assist in determining whether pipes are undersized at a particular area, whether pipes need to be replaced, and where leaks may provide serious issues.   Infiltration and inflow can frequently lead to negative … Continued

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How to Keep Your Flow Meters in Good Shape

Flow meters are essential components of many industrial systems, and it’s important to keep them in good shape in order to ensure their performance. Here are some tips for keeping your flow meters in good condition:    Clean Regularly Flow meters should be cleaned regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. This will help remove any … Continued