Flow Meters & Metering Systems

Aspects to Consider When Assessing Flow Meter Accuracy

When it comes to flow meter accuracy, regardless of the type or manufacturer of flow meter used in a system, there are two key aspects of flow meter that must be considered.   First, the equipment’s actual stated accuracy range, which will be given as a percentage figure like +/- 0.2%. This would suggest that … Continued

The Functions and Principles of a Turbine Flow Meter

  A turbine flow meter is a device for measuring volume. As liquid or gas travels through the turbine housing, it causes the blades to revolve. The velocity of the fluid traveling through the flow meter is directly proportional to the velocity of the turbine rotor.   The rotor is connected to a set of … Continued

Using Sewer Flow Monitoring to Examine Inflow & Infiltration

  Flow monitoring can help utilities detect the presence, quantity, and nature of problems within a community’s sewer system. Specifically, it can assist in determining whether pipes are undersized at a particular area, whether pipes need to be replaced, and where leaks may provide serious issues.   Infiltration and inflow can frequently lead to negative … Continued

Save Water and Money with High-Accuracy Electromagnetic Flow Meters

  Identifying lost water begins with selecting a flow measurement method. Depending on the application, a number of flow measurement techniques are available. In closed pipe systems, they can include orifice, mechanical, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic flow meters. Each of these procedures has its own advantages and disadvantages.   The second key factor is the measurement … Continued

McCrometer’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Agriculture and Irrigation

  Electromagnetic meters, commonly referred to as mag meters, are a velocity-type water meter. These devices measure velocity utilizing electromagnetic properties, as opposed to other flow measurement techniques. The additional advantage of electromagnetic meters being able to measure flow in either direction is that they don’t rely on mechanical parts to do so. They might … Continued

Implementation of a Water Meter: Pros and Cons

  As the price of water continues to rise, water loss is becoming an increasing concern for commercial and industrial enterprises. Many institutions are using metering technologies to swiftly locate and fix leaks in an effort to reduce water loss. For these purposes, a variety of metering systems are available. Here, we’ll look at the … Continued

What You Can Do to Help Make Water Meters More Accessible

Depending on its location and type, a water meter may require regular inspection. Therefore, it is essential that water meters are always accessible so that they may be inspected and analyzed promptly. Having easy access to the meter also ensures that it can be swiftly turned off in an emergency. The property owner or tenant … Continued

How Current Are Your Water-Loss And Conservation Efforts?

As water utilities are well aware, water scarcity is already a problem, and its escalation over recent years has prompted immediate action. Fortunately, utilities have proven techniques at their disposal for combating and resolving this threat more rapidly and cost-effectively than older methods. Here are various areas of focus and opportunities where water utilities can … Continued

Save Money and Water with On-Site Flow Meter Testing

Leak detection and prevention are both dependent on testing. Leaks can cause severe financial, physical, and environmental impact if not handled. The Avanti Company, Florida’s leading flow meter and water meter supplier, offers services that help customers avoid dangerous hazards and ensure that their collection systems are secure, fast, and effective for years to come. … Continued

Propeller Meters: How Do They Work?

In terms of technology and application, propeller meters are fairly similar to turbine meters. The rotating element and its suspension in the fluid stream are the fundamental differences between the two. A propeller is usually composed of thick injection molded plastic and is supported by a single bearing assembly. It faces straight into the flow. … Continued

Itron Launches Online Partner Solution Marketplace to Better Serve Consumers

Itron, Inc., which is revolutionizing how utilities and cities manage energy and water, has announced the launch of Itron’s online Partner Solution Marketplace. This new marketplace allows Itron customers and prospects to access field-proven and pilot-ready solutions from third parties, simplifying the process of identifying and learning about solutions that can help them continue to … Continued

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Your Water System

Whether you are in charge of a large municipal water facility or a small rural water utility, water usage rates and prices are the primary factors influencing your business decisions. Therefore, it is critical for any water system to avoid costly errors. To best determine if money is flowing out from your water system, follow … Continued

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Improved Flow Meter Accuracy through Regular Calibration and Maintenance

Considering the variety of factors that can have a significant negative impact on the measurements made by flow meters, it is crucial that the equipment is installed and configured according to the manufacturer’s recommendations by trained technicians to ensure that the system operates at or above its maximum potential.   It’s crucial to keep in … Continued