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Mastering Industrial Efficiency: The Role of Flow Meters

  Flow meters are a vital part of keeping industrial processes running efficiently and safely. Without accurate metrics, informed decisions can’t be made that ensure the overall success of the process. At the Avanti Company, we understand the importance of having accurate measurements when it comes to flow meters. As a result, we are proud … Continued

5 Reasons to Choose an Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meter for Accurate Flow Measurement

Accurate flow measurement is essential for many industries, from manufacturing and energy production to water management. The type of flow meter you choose can make a big difference in the accuracy of your flow measurement. Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are becoming increasingly popular due to their precise, non-intrusive measurement capabilities.    Here are five reasons … Continued

Avanti Company works to prevent lightning across SWFL

Avanti Company, a reputable water meter company based in Avon Park, Florida, has introduced an innovative solution aimed at preventing lightning strikes and safeguarding communities. Recognizing the vulnerability of their water meter registers to lightning strikes, Avanti embarked on a mission to protect individuals and their valuable assets. As Jerry Prokes, the South Florida sales … Continued

McCrometer: Rugged and Robust: The Battery-Powered FPI Mag®

McCrometer introduces the Battery-Powered FPI Mag®: A rugged and robust solution for electromagnetic flow meters. The battery-powered signal converter serves as the control device, providing reporting, input/output functionality, and data recording. With its multi-point curve-fitting algorithm, the microprocessor-based converter enhances accuracy while housed in an IP67-rated enclosure for durability. Offering user-configurable features and a convenient … Continued

MCCROMETER: How To Future-Proof Your Water Distribution System

McCrometer reports that water utilities face the challenge of balancing tight budgets with the growing need to address water scarcity and climate change. Many utilities adopt a “wait until it’s broken to fix it” approach when it comes to upgrading their technologies, but relying on failing systems is a recipe for disaster. However, there is … Continued

Maximizing Productivity with McCrometer Smart Output Mag Meters: A Guide to Flow Meter Technology

Flow meters are an essential piece of equipment for any industrial or commercial operation, allowing businesses to monitor and control their fluid flow. McCrometer’s Smart Output Mag Meters are the newest and most advanced option on the market, providing users with the highest level of accuracy and control possible. This guide will explain the features … Continued

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Maximising Performance: The Ultimate Guide to Flow Meter Maintenance

  Understanding flow meters is key to the success and efficiency of many industrial operations. These critical devices measure and control the rate of fluid that moves through a system, providing real-time data with precision, reliability, and accuracy. In order for flow meters to continually perform at peak efficiency, it’s crucial to maintain them well.  … Continued