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Utilizing Flow Meters for Water Management: Part 2

Last time we took a look at District Metering and how flow meters are essential tools to municipal water applications. For today’s blog, we’re continuing discussing flow meters and water management, shifting the focus over to Non-Revenue Water (NRW), which is considered any water that is produced but gets lost before it reaches a customer. … Continued

Utilizing Flow Meters for Water Management: Part 1

There are several municipal water applications where flow meters are becoming vital tools, and today we’ll take a look at the first of these: District Metering. Relying heavily on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies, supervisory control and the acquisition of data, implementing district metering strategies allows utilities to make better use of water data analytics. … Continued

McCrometer Launches New Mag Meter Options

McCrometer has officially unveiled a pair of new options for its electromagnetic flow meter offerings, aimed at improving the flexibility of its FPI Mag, Ultra Mag, and SPI Mag when it comes to application location while allowing its mag meters the ability to communicate directly with AMR and AMI devices including Itron Automatic Meter Reading … Continued

Avanti Company Is Your Source for LC Meters

Among the many companies and manufacturers represented by The Avanti Company, Liquid Controls has emerged as one of the most innovative, positioning itself as a global market leader in precision measuring systems providing efficiently engineered and differentiated products utilized in custody transfer of tremendously valuable refined fuels and liquids. The company’s headquarters is in Lake … Continued

Liquid Controls Launches Its Redesigned Website

Have you seen the all-new Liquid Controls website? The precision measuring systems manufacturer recently overhauled its entire web presence with a snazzy, easy to navigate website that places the most important information and products its customers may be seeking front and center, reducing the need to click around and waste time. The new Liquid Controls … Continued

Avanti Company Welcomes John Broadway

The Avanti Company is excited to announce the latest addition to its team! John Broadway will be assuming the role of Avanti’s new Territory Manager for North Florida, South Georgia and Southern Alabama. John joins Avanti with a Water and Wastewater industry experience in Sales and as a Contractor.  He also has  a wealth of … Continued

Kevin Lutian Joins the Avanti Team

We would like to proudly announce that we’ve got another fresh face joining the Avanti Company team! Kevin Lutian will be assuming the role of Avanti’s new Territory Manager for Northern Georgia and Northern Alabama. Kevin comes to Avanti with numerous years of proven professional sales experience and the drive to work with our customers … Continued

McCrometer’s V-Cone Meets New ISO Standards

The ISO 5167-5 is a relatively new standard aimed at cone meters designed to specify the geometry and how to properly install and operate cone meters when they are implemented in a conduit running full to determine the flow rate of the fluid flowing in the conduit. This standard can also provide useful information for … Continued

Fort Worth’s Highly Effective ICAP

Last year, Fort Worth, Texas completed the fourth year of its Fort Worth Interceptor Condition Assessment Program (ICAP), an initiative designed to inspect the entirety of the city’s large-diameter sanitary sewer lines and determine their condition in order to make repairs. By the end of 2014, the city had managed to inspect to about sixty … Continued

Cranberry Township Sees Success with RedZone

Last year, Cranberry Township in Pittsburgh decided to make life easier for itself by using a robot designed by RedZone Robotics to inspect its two mile stretch of main sewer line. Prior to this, the sewer lines hadn’t been checked this effectively. The city used a comparably rudimentary process of tethering a camera to a … Continued

New Technology Can Accurately Determine Leaks

The International Water Management Institute estimates that by the year 2025, just over thirty percent of the world’s population will have to deal with water scarcity, and one of the primary culprits behind it  is leaks. It’s estimated that anywhere between twenty to thirty percent of treated water is lost in systems due to this … Continued

Rancho California Water District Meets Conservation Demands with Itron

The Rancho California Water District (RCWD) based in Southern California serves a varied array of more than 40,000 residential and commercial customers. Last year marked the state’s fourth consecutive year dealing with the ramifications of the drought, forcing the State Water Resources Control Board to devise and implement mandatory measures intended to conserve and reduce … Continued

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Top 2022 Products from Avanti Company

The Avanti Company is your top source for all your flow meter applications and needs. Our expertise and team of experienced professionals can connect you to the necessary data with our flow meter and monitoring systems. We also offer irrigation flow meters among our extensive collection of collection system meters.   One of our top … Continued