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Flow Meter Solutions for Agricultural Irrigation

Turf irrigators often find themselves dealing with extreme climates where flow measurements are of the essence. Determining the right irrigation flow meter doesn’t have to be tricky. McCrometer has over six decades in agricultural irrigation, providing flow meters that deliver reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. McCrometer boasts several distinct irrigation flow meters based on … Continued

Minimal Straight-run Requirements with the McCrometer Ultra Mag

McCrometer will be showcasing the Ultra Mag meter at this year’s WEFTEC, an annual event aimed at water quality education and training for water quality professionals. With that in mind, it’s worth discussing what this innovative mag meter can do. The Ultra Mag is an advanced solution requiring just 1diameter of pipe upstream and 0 … Continued

Avanti Receives 30 year Award from Florida Rural Water Association

We’re very proud to announce The Avanti Company received acknowledgment at the Annual Florida Rural Water Association meeting for being an Associate Member of the Association for more than three decades. Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) was founded to assist small water Utilities in providing clean drinking water to residents. FRWA provides licensed water and … Continued

McCrometer Saves the Day at Covanta Energy Corporation

Honolulu’s Covanta Energy Corporation faced a stubborn problem of having to accurately measure cooling tower blowdown water flowing at irregular intervals prior to reinjection into the facility’s caprock. This irregular flow resulted in foam and bubbles forming in the line, necessitating a better flow meter solution to ensure that the facility remained within its daily … Continued

Achieve Accurate Flow Measurement with Flow Conditioners

Water, Wastewater, Agricultural and Industrial users often find themselves with the challenge of getting flow meters and valves to get along with each other. Partially open or closed valves have a tendency to create poor flow profiles, which makes it harder to accurately measure the flow of water, steam, or other liquids. Because of this, … Continued

Long Term Reliability with the Sponsler Precision Turbine Flowmeter

Sponsler by Liquid Controls has gained a worldwide reputation for its reliability, accuracy, and ultra precise turbine flow meter systems. Whether the job entails custody transfer flow measurement, process control, or blending and batching, Sponsler Precision Turbine Flowmeter delivers worry-free service for years to come. Besides its accuracy, the Precision Turbine Flowmeter is easy to … Continued

Itron Delivers Powerful Water Loss Solutions Abroad

According to a press release published on the website Business Wire, Itron is setting its sights abroad, recently signing a contract to assist the City of Matão in São Paulo, Brazil in curbing its water loss woes while improving revenue. The Águas de Matão is responsible for serving over 25,000 customers. The non-revenue water levels … Continued

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How Users Save Money with Ultrasonic Clamp-On Meters

In the past, installing new meters for non-billing purposes has been an expensive and time-consuming process. There needs to be a hole that can accommodate one or more workers, or in some cases, a crane. Additionally, the system needs to be stopped and flushed. Because of this, many put off replacing or adding meters to … Continued